Where landlords, agents and retailers come to hook up.
We’ll find your perfect match. Then we’ll seal the deal.


Why choose us.


If you are a brand.

Our proposition is simple: we are looking for brands who want to establish, trial and grow their retail channel.

Our sweet spot is brands that want rapid retail expansion or a seasonal pop-up store and then onto long-term commercial leases.

If this is you, we will then connect you with the commercial property decision makers.


Why are properties not advertised on the site?

The best commercial deals are done off market.

This means they are never advertised.

Through Lease Me we will aim to ensure your brand is at the forefront of the decision makers mind when your perfect property becomes available.


If you are a landlord or agent representing a landlord.

Our proposition is simple: we will connect you with the perfect tenant for your property.

We will help you build connections and relationships with new retail brands. So you can fill space both short term and long term.


Don’t advertise your property.

Lease Me can be used as a resource for landlords / leasing agents to find a tenant for your space without the cost of advertising. You can engage directly with brands to gage their interest.

Ongoing Lease Me is a resource where you can have an open dialogue with new brands.



There are no joining fees.

No monthly fees.

A cost is only incurred when a deal is done!

Our costs then depend on each clients needs and wants.

Once you apply we will meet with you to get an understanding of your needs and present you with the costs involved.

Don’t worry our costs are kept low for all. As we aim to to find the connection that is right for you. Not burden you with more costs!